What Can the Cyber Security Space Learn From the World of International Rugby?

Join Secrutiny and SentinelOne for an exclusive opportunity to see how the precision of rugby has been applied to the cyber security space. Whether it be real time threat analysis, preventing a breach of defence, speed of response to live threats or knowing when to use less or more energy than the opposition, the winning team is often the one with the best balance of speed, skill, intelligence, power and efficiency.

The series features four webinars showcasing international rugby players including Q&A sessions with each player. Watch the full series now!

Featuring England Fullback, Mike Brown

Episode Brief: Rugby is a data game now; coaches scrutinise both players and opponents to assess and improve performance, and we know our foes do the same! Cyber criminals exploit threat intel to seek out weaknesses in our defences.  Watch episode one, as we reveal the unfair advantage you need to fortify your defences and keep your team top of the cyber security leaderboard. Including a live Q&A with one of the world’s best defenders, England Fullback Mike Brown.

Featuring England International, Danny Care

Episode Brief: England International, Danny Care has learnt to isolate the opportunities essential to winning, and take advantage of them; like ducking low at the last minute to grab an opponent’s legs and pull them together to complete a tackle. The same mentality is crucial in cyber security! Understand the do’s and don’ts of Threat Monitoring and Response that will reduce time to protection, and minimise risk exposure in episode two. Including a live Q&A with England Rugby International, Danny Care.

Featuring Welsh International, Scott Baldwin

Episode Brief: Defence and offence is a critical part of rugby; the same goes for IT pros playing defence to stop malicious behaviour in cyberspace. Catch up with episode three now as we host a demonstration and sneak peek into SentinelOne’s world-class Managed, Detection and Response service, Vigilance, featuring a live Q&A with Welsh International, Scott Balwin.

Featuring England International, Jack Clifford

Episode Brief: A scuffle on the playing fields between rugby players makes the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Similarly, the reputational damage that follows a cyber breach can be irreparable. If you had a breach, could you afford it? Avoid the headlines and understand the power of MDR, in our fourth episode in the ‘What Can the Cyber Security Space Learn from International Rugby’ webinar series. Featuring a Q&A with England Rugby International, Jack Clifford. 

7 Steps to Forensic Level Focus

7 Steps to Forensic Level Focus

how can you spot whether a cyber threat is a business risk that needs attention? With forensic level focus… To help you achieve this, we’ve mapped out the seven key focus areas for quantifying and managing risk.