Security Advisory:

Resurgence in Emotet Malware

22 July 2020

There has been a resurgence in the Emotet malware after a five-month hiatus.  The new campaign primarily targets users in the US and UK using malicious attachments in phishing emails. 

Emotet is designed to download and deploy further malware to victim machines.  It uses a test-driven approach to tailor the attack to the victim’s estate, making it highly effective.  Some observed behaviours include credential theft, mounting further phishing campaigns, and deploying ransomware. 

We advise:

  1. Ensure users are aware of the potential threat.
  2. Review policies on sending and handling email attachments.
  3. Ensure antivirus is running and up to date.
Security Advisory: SIGRed -17-Year-Old Bug Vulnerability in Window DNS Servers

Security Advisory: SIGRed -17-Year-Old Bug Vulnerability in Window DNS Servers

Microsoft has disclosed a critical vulnerability that has been around for nearly two decades in the Windows DNS Server. The vulnerability, which allows for remote code execution, affects versions 2003 to 2019, and can be prompted by a malicious DNS response. If exploited an attacker could gain Domain Administrator rights, and compromise the entire corporate infrastructure. Full advisory here…