Secrutiny’s Hairy Journey Raises An Incredible £1,965!

02 December 2020

Just like that, Movember has come to an end. We have had an incredible hairy journey and raised £1,965! Thank you to all our donators and supporters, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Why is it important? As you may already know, men are dying too young. Gender is one of the most consistent predictors of health and life expectancy. For men, this isn’t good news. Globally, men die nearly six years earlier than women. Worst of all, there’s no biological reason why. Thanks to the creators of Movember, organisations and individuals around the world have the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for the big men’s health issues: prostate cancer, testicular cancer and, mental health and suicide prevention.

Besides from the moustaches Grown, the Moves made, and Mo-ments Hosted – our team’s efforts are inspiring life-changing conversations about men’s health. These chats are empowering men to take action and break down stigmas – in many cases, saving lives. Something to be very proud of. 

We’ll never know how many lives we’ve changed or saved, but we certainly can hold our heads high; and while the hairiest of months has officially come to a close, there is still time to show your support by donating on our team page.

While you’re here, enjoy our gallery of the Secrutiny team and their hairy journeys.

Movember Selfie Day One
Movember Selfies Day 15

Secrutiny’s Hairy Men!

Movember 2020 - Day 30
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