Have you filled data centre racks with more and more technology against threats you’ve been told are emerging?

Experience taught us that cybersecurity solutions do not have to be complex to be smart and that the right balance between prevent, detect, respond and recover offers the best assurance that your operation will survive an incident.

We can do better

The clarity of vision and sense of purpose that Secrutiny applies to every challenge was born from the experience of the three founders. It was apparent to each of them that overly complex, misconfigured and isolated security tools led to unnecessary confusion across the industry. The result was significant costs for businesses which still didn’t provide them with the solutions, security or peace of minds they needed or deserved.

Thinking holistically

The founders felt strongly that success should not be judged solely as the ability of an organisation to respond to an incident. They had always taken a more holistic, end-to-end view of what cyber security truly means and their experience in responding to incidents gave them the insight that what mattered most was an evolution of a journey always based on improvement.

Building partnerships

Every customer has different requirements. Our job is to encourage and guide you in identifying risk and determining effective policy and processes. The next step is to architect security solutions that work in your environment and don’t slow your operation down. We then work with you to build assurance and improvement plans.

Secrutiny Cyber Security

Our Leadership Team

Our forward-thinking leadership team brings a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience

Secrutiny was founded and is managed by a team with years of experience in cybersecurity across enabling technologies, IT systems security, compliance and reducing risk. The founders have been at the forefront of Silicon Valley and global tech centres for many years, selecting the best emerging and consistent approaches to the constantly changing landscape.

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Secrutiny Cyber Security

Part of the Acora Group

IT and SecOps working in harmony for context-based fixing, testing, monitoring and standards

In May 2022, Secrutiny joined forces with Acora, one of the UK’s leading managed IT services and technology providers, bringing new levels of expertise, choice, scale and assurance to mid-market and larger organisations.

For most organisations, an informal relationship exists between Security and IT Operations. And yet, how the two interact dramatically affects how fast your organisation can respond to, and mitigate, security incidents.

Acora provides a range of IT support, Microsoft-centric business software and cloud solutions to drive mid-market organisations to modernise their IT so they can compete and win in the digital economy.

Together, we can help your IT and security operations work in harmony to achieve a context-based approach to fixing, testing, monitoring, and standards.

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