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Surge in PowerShell Malware Infections from Phishing Campaign

10 octoBER 2018 A surge in PowerShell Malware Infections Through Phishing Campaign Last week Secrutiny Analysts investigated suspicious emails sent to multiple employees within an organisation. The phishing emails could easily have been mistaken for genuine emails...

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Rig Exploit Kit Is Back and up to No Good Again

19 SEPTEMBER 2018 RIG Exploit kit is back and up to no good again RIG Exploit kit (currently the most used exploit kit) is now back, in its fourth upgraded version, and it’s up to no good again. Over the last few weeks, security analysts have been observing a rootkit...

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Microsoft September 2018 Patch Tuesday

12 SEPTEMBER 2018 MICROSOFT SEPTEMBER 2018 PATCH TUESDAY 61 updates were released in yesterday's September 2018 Patch Tuesday to address vulnerabilities in Mircosoft Windows and related programs. Including 17 critical bugs, several flaws already public knowledge and a...

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4 day Cyber 101 Training Course

Secrutiny’s Cyber 101 Training develops the knowledge, skills and techniques of IT Security professionals. This 4-day course covers tools and methods required for effective design, implementation and operation of a responsive security programme in an organisational context.

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The Cyber Threats to the Legal Sector

Organisations in the legal sector handle significant amounts of confidential data and sensitive information. Ensuring this data is well protected is extremely important, a cyber attack can have a devastating effect both financially and reputationally. 

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