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The SilverTerrier bites back

Nigerian cybercriminals have upped their game with new phishing tactics and techniques that target large organisations with malware enabling them to make millions of dollars…

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The EternalBlue exploit is bigger than ever before

A year after the global WannaCry ransomware outbreak and the EternalBlue exploit still remains at the centre, being more popular than ever. The exploit targets a vulnerability in older versions of Microsoft’s implementation of the server message block (SMB) protocol on port 445…

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Seat at the Picnic Table

In the new era of cybersecurity, organisations have become caught in a spiralling cycle of annual technology additions and a ‘defence in depth’ approach fuelled by the media and vendors…

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New WebLogic vulnerability after patch goes wrong

Since Oracle published its quarterly Critical Patch Update in April, containing a patch for CVE-2018-2628, a vulnerability in the WLS core component of WebLogic, hackers have started scanning the Internet, searching for machines running Oracle WebLogic servers…

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Don’t be the one to have a ‘Total Meltdown’

Microsoft has recently issued an update after a bug dubbed Total Meltdown was identified. The bug was found to be in Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 mitigations for the Meltdown design flaw in Intel chips…

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ARS VBS Loader adopts RAT feature

Since now malicious VBScript has always been limited to downloading malware from an attacker-controlled server and executing it on a compromised computer…

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