Organisations are increasingly challenged by a growing attack surface and the requirement to collect and process more security data. It’s left security teams drowning under the weight of too many security tools, and too many alerts leading to significant blind spots and a poor time to detect and respond.

A novel approach is needed to modernise security operations and help address these common SOC problems. Fear not, because Secrutiny and Google Cloud Security have you covered with our cloud-native approach to threat detection, investigation, response and remediation.

Can you take on the Blue Team Challenge?

We say the best way to learn how to defend against emerging threats at modern scale and efficiency is hands-on! So, we’re launching a fun and interactive blue team challenge with Chronicle, the fastest search in SIEM, to keep you on your toes…and the bad guys off your network.

Challengers will be faced with detecting, hunting and responding to phishing and malware scenarios using the the fastest search in SIEM, Google Cloud Security’s Chronicle platform for fast and accurate investigation and incident response.

So, if you fancy yourself a pro at these things, and want to win some swag, join us in London on Thursday 10th November and see how well you can detect and respond with the speed and scale of Google at your fingertips!

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