Conditional Access

Secure Identities and Automatically Prevent Threats

Conditional Access

Solution Approach

Organisations often have incomplete views of who is accessing what, when, where and how across multiple security solutions and platforms. If you can’t see all your users or know what they are doing and accessing, it’s difficult to control risks and prevent threats.

Conditional Access takes a modern approach to the problem and puts you back in the driver’s seat so you can easily reduce user risk and automatically prevent threats like credential compromise and targeted attacks before they impact your business.

Adaptively Challenge and Respond

The solution is built on a policy engine that matches users, behaviours, risk and assets into a policy that meets any organisation’s needs. Based on these criteria, a wide range of responses can be invoked to auto-resolve incidents. This ensures that the action taken strikes the appropriate balance between security and enablement. 

Privileged UserFirst time login to Network ServerMFAValidate identity
EmployeeRemote access to executive laptopBlockStop malicious insider
Service AccountInteractive loginIsolatePrevent credential compromise
HR EmployeeHR server loginRe-authenticateBusiness continuity
Third-party VendorAccess supply chain databaseRequest approvalPrevent unauthorised access

Apply policy based on behaviour and risk

Verify access and block untrusted authentications

Instantly enable MFA for any app or resource

Enable tighter control over privileged users

WHITEPAPER:Defending the Enterprise With Conditional Access

This whitepaper offers an introduction to adaptive and threat-aware Conditional Access. A security solution that helps organisations reduce risk and prevent threats by understanding identity and behaviour.


Download this whitepaper and dive deeper into these areas:

  • Identity and Risk Insights
  • Threat Detection and Analytics
  • Conditional Access Anywhere
  • Flexible Deployment and Journey
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Conditional Access

Benefits and Features


Continuously Reduce Risk

Insights and analytics reveal compromised users, password problems, privileged access, stealthy admins, AD configuration issues and more.









Increase SOC Efficiency

With preemptive blocking and automated real-time resolution of security threats and incidents.

Unified Visibility

Of all users, privilege, behavioural access patterns and accounts on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid environments; across all authentication and access platforms.








Ease of Deployment

Simple, centralised deployment provides fast values and
enforcement without an agent on the protected devices. 


Conditional Access

Use Cases

Conditional Access can play a central role in a variety of security use cases due to its inherent flexibility and options for user engagement and enforcement:

1. Monitor and Protect Privileged Accounts

  • Privileged Account Discovery
  • Manage Risk
  • Monitor Business Privileges
  • Privileged Identity Use

2. Improve Incident Response and Forensics Efficiency

  • Reduction of Alerts
  • Event Triage and Prioritisation
  • Track Risk by Business Unit
  • Hunt Threats

3. Eliminate Breaches and Compromised Credentials

  • Compromised Accounts and Devices
  • Lateral Movement
  • Infrastructure Attacks
  • 3rd Party Users

4. Proactively Reduce Risk and Support Compliance

  • Stale Assets
  • Weak or Exposed Passwords
  • Account Sharing
  • Audit and Compliance

5. Add Identity-Based Access Controls to Any App or Resource

  • Workstation Logins
  • Protect High-Value Servers and Applications
  • Adapt Policy Based on Risk

6. Prevent Insider Threats

  • Insider Access Abuse/Malicious Insiders
  • Abuse of Privileges
  • Risky or Careless Behaviour

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