This Autumn, Secrutiny cut the red ribbon for the launch of Cyber Trumps.

It’s no secret that cybersecurity can often be perceived as serious, onerous, and overly-technical – all of which are very true, but who said we can’t have fun whilst we’re at it? Cyber Trumps’ aim is simple, to deter from the humdrum and showcase cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions in a less threatening (and more fun) way.

If you haven’t got the gist by now, Cyber Trumps was designed to reveal cybersecurity technologies in a format greatly inspired by the well-known educational card game we all used to love and play (Yes, top trumps).

Stop researching, start playing

With so much choice on the market for security controls, researching each one can become an overwhelming and timely task, and you may even be tempted to buy more than you need.

We designed Cyber Trumps with one main goal – to provide an interactive format for IT and Security teams to easily visualise and digest new technology solutions and get a better understanding of what to expect from a vendor’s product. It’s time to cut down the hours tirelessly combing the internet for endless vendors. Start playing Cyber Trumps to discover top solutions that meet your Cyber Trump criteria (whilst also having fun).

Why take our word for it?

Our forward-thinking leadership team brings a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience. This experience taught us that cybersecurity solutions do not have to be complex to be smart, and that the right balance between prevent, detect, respond, and recover offers the best assurance that your operation will survive an incident.

We’ve chosen to represent these cybersecurity vendors because they are pathing the future of cybersecurity, and each represent a different avenue of security that most organisations will greatly benefit from. We’ve scored them based on our breadth of experience and are confident this will help IT and security teams make better informed investment decisions. (Did we mention they’ll have fun whilst they’re doing it?)

“Cyber Trumps aims to give a quick scoring against a few categories to try and provide a fast insight into what to expect from a vendor’s product. It gets the highlights on the table quickly to allow you to focus on what really counts for your organisation.”

Ian Morris – CEO and Co-Founder of Secrutiny

“If you’re not a security specialist, cybersecurity can feel like a dark art, known only to a few, and something to be avoided at all costs. But the reality is that we’re all responsible for keeping our organisations secure, and we all need to become more comfortable and familiar with the world of cybersecurity in order to combat the increasing sophistication of cyber threats. Secrutiny’s new ‘Cyber Trumps’ approach makes cybersecurity feel more accessible and breaks down the complexity without losing the technical detail. I think it’s a powerful yet simple tool that will help IT and security professionals to evaluate the many tools on the market with confidence and consistency.”

Tree Hall – CEO of Charity IT Leaders

Be prepared to outsmart your opponents and discover new and exciting cybersecurity solutions that meet your Cyber Trump criteria. Check it out now.