september, 2021

27sep11:00 am12:00 pmBetter Cybersecurity Log Management: Data Backups Are Sent Offsite, Why Aren't Most Security Logs?

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IBM industry analysis shows the average time to identify and contain most breaches is 256 days. This raises a few questions on typical cybersecurity log management:

  • Why do we retain data for less than the average time to identify and contain a breach?
  • If you only keep 90 days of data, how can you retroactively threat hunt in logs to find emerging IoC that may have existed in your environment many months ago?

Join us to explore why a cloud System of Record (SoR) offering has significant advantages in the interests of extensive backwards cover and end-to-end timeline visibility. Discover how you can ensure as many raw logs as possible are available for a long as possible, and the best way to maintain your chain of custody and protect your log data from threat actors driving ransomware.

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The session will be hosted by the SASIG, a networking forum for the cybersecurity industry, where members can build their knowledge and skills on a particular topic. Membership is free and anyone with an interest in cybersecurity is welcome.



(Monday) 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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