The Future of SOC

Very occasionally in this world, we see a market completely disrupted. Something deemed financially out of reach to the majority becomes very affordable.

Why wouldn’t you want end to end visibility with your logs?

Industry analysis will show high percentage statistics about most breaches remaining undiscovered for a few hundred days. With these numbers, why would you only retain logs for 90 days? The evidence shows that for a better-equipped incident response function, the requirement is between 1-2 years of log data to give extensive backwards cover.


Why buy a SIEM or logging solution that you could outgrow?

Traditional SIEMs typically come with pricing uncertainty as most services are billed on an events-per-second or data volume model. Yet the nature of cybersecurity encourages increased log sources from as many controls as possible, including cloud-based services such as M365. However, innovative SIEM providers assess cost based on the number of users, not the amount of data stored.

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Security analytics built on the power of Google infrastructure

Secrutiny has teamed up with Google Cloud Security to use its Chronicle platform* for SOR and SIEM and build the ‘Future of SOC’.

Designed for enterprises to privately retain, analyse, and search the massive amounts of security and network telemetry they generate. Built as a cloud service on top of Google infrastructure it normalises, indexes, correlates and analyses the data to provide instant analysis and context on risky activity on vast volumes of data.

  • Lower and predictable TCO
  • Petabyte scalability
  • Google search speed
  • On-premise and hybrid cloud visibility
  • SOC productivity multipliers

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