Magnify  Meetups

Monthly Meetups for like-minded individuals to knowledge share and discuss hot topics in cyber security, with featured speakers, panel discussions and hands-on workshops.

What are Magnify Meetups?

Here at Secrutiny, we understand the importance of knowledge sharing. So we’ve decided to host regular virtual meetups for like-minded individuals to discuss hot topics in the cybersecurity landscape.

Think: easy, inexpensive access to ideas and learnings, and in a relaxed environment with familiar faces.

Hosted every fourth Monday at 4.30PM, everyone is welcome at any meetup, as there is no signup or joining criteria- just attend if it sparks your interest.

Security Control Assurance 101:

Does It Do What It Says on the Tin?

Monday 22nd February | 16:30 – 17:15

Are your security controls optimised for success? Verizon estimates that 82 per cent of enterprise breaches should have been stopped by existing security controls but weren’t. Why? Security controls fail constantly and silently.

Security controls are powerful tools, but they can be complex and difficult to configure and manage. It’s easy to make mistakes and accidentally weaken security. Add to this the cybersecurity landscape changes on a daily – sometimes hourly – basis. A minor bug in an application’s code that caused no problems yesterday can become an easy port of entry today. So, despite all your efforts, there can still be weaknesses that a threat actor can use to their advantage.

Join us and discover what type of assurance programme you need to build to test existing controls, adapt their configurations, and adjust the Telemetry/SOC/SIEM/Hunting approaches to eliminate blindspots.

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