Magnify  Meetups

Monthly Meetups for like-minded individuals to knowledge share and discuss hot topics in cyber security, with featured speakers, panel discussions and hands-on workshops.

What are Magnify Meetups?

Here at Secrutiny, we understand the importance of knowledge sharing. So we’ve decided to host regular virtual meetups for like-minded individuals to discuss hot topics in the cybersecurity landscape.

Think: easy, inexpensive access to ideas and learnings, and in a relaxed environment with familiar faces.

Hosted every fourth Monday at 4.30PM, everyone is welcome at any meetup, as there is no signup or joining criteria- just attend if it sparks your interest.

Illuminating Risk Indicators

with Readily Available Telemetry Data from Standard Admin Tools

Monday 25th January | 16:30 – 17:15

Many of the risk indicators that we follow in Incident Response are just below the surface and are relatively simple to uncover with standard admin tools. This practical telemetry data is readily available to all organisation’s whether; manually in-house, automated in-house or automated externally, and will illuminate key risk indicators.

Knowing what telemetry is useful and how to collect it provides a no cost data lake to run your own queries and gain insight to drive your cyber operational workflows. 

It is just a matter of working out how this fits in your cyber maturity journey; because people that start to analyse this level of data will have a better understanding of risk appetite and threat tolerance.

Presented by

Deepak Shukla, Technical Services Director, Secrutiny.

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