Magnify  Meetups

Monthly Meetups for like-minded individuals to knowledge share and discuss hot topics in cyber security, with featured speakers, panel discussions and hands-on workshops.

What are Magnify Meetups?

Here at Secrutiny, we understand the importance of knowledge sharing. So we’ve decided to host regular virtual meetups for like-minded individuals to discuss hot topics in the cybersecurity landscape.

Think: easy, inexpensive access to ideas and learnings, and in a relaxed environment with familiar faces.

Hosted every fourth Monday at 4.30PM, everyone is welcome at any meetup, as there is no signup or joining criteria- just attend if it sparks your interest.

From Cybersecurity to Cyber-Maturity – A Journey Worth Taking

Monday 14th December | 16:30 – 17:15

The journey towards reduced cyber risk is one which requires a significant ongoing investment. As such, understanding the real risk landscape, aligned to your organisation, is essential to be able to understand where to concentrate effort to extract the most value and reduce the right risks. The cyber landscape is being squeezed by an increase in risk on one side and an ever more complex business environment on the other, which means thinking about the problem more strategically. 

This session unashamedly looks at non-technical approaches to answering fundamental questions:  

  • What is the real risk? 
  • What are we aiming for, and when do we know when we are there? 
  • If I can’t do it all, what MUST we do and in what order? 

As well as exploring the importance of a robust cyber-maturity strategy that is evidential and measurable in its approach; that better directs your operational and technical priorities. 

Presented by

Charlie Muir, Consulting Services Director, Secrutiny.