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Legacy Web Security Has Many Blind Spots


of web traffic is related to apps and cloud services.


of apps and cloud services are unmanaged

The fast adoption of both managed and unmanaged apps, plus web sites with app characteristics are changing the playing field. Data begins to flow like water across the cloud through apps and web sites and new challenges face legacy security solutions designed for a network perimeter that is changing. Legacy solutions are not keeping the pace with the evolving internet, and with web-based attacks, not only happening, but being successful far too frequently, it’s clear a new approach is needed.

Get Cloud Smart Security with Netskope’s

NextGen Secure Web Gateway

Eliminate Blind Spots

Netskope Cloud XD™ understands SaaS, IaaS, and web in extreme definition to eliminate blind spots.

Stop Elusive Attacks

Advanced threat protection stops elusive attacks that traverse SaaS, IaaS, and web to inflict damage.

Guard Data Everywhere

360º data protection guards data everywhere through award-winning cloud DLP and encryption.

Full Control, One Cloud

Full control of SaaS, IaaS, and web, from one cloud-native platform that scales automatically.

Why Settle for Half the Cloud Traffic Visibility and Control with Symantec?

As the acquisition of Symantec by Broadcom comes to a close, cyber security analysts are characterising the venture as bad news for BlueCoat and Symantec customers.

Five Concerns with Symantec Cloud-Based Web Security for Remote Offices and Users:

1. Limited Cloud Services: Less than 500 cloud services are supported, when Netskope supports thousands with more content and contextual policy controls.

2. Lacking Instance Support: Limited cloud service personal instance visibility and almost no support for company and personal instances of cloud services in policy controls.

3. Missing Unmanaged Devices: No known support for BYOD or unmanaged devices using reverse proxy deployments.

4. Complex Configuration: Securing cloud services and apps can be cumbersome forcing administrators to move to multiple areas in the UI for a single policy configuration.

 5. Multiple Consoles: Data protection requires multiple consoles and extra licensing adding complexity and extra cost.

Symantec has not been the best choice for customers time and time again due to their operational complexity, burden and long time to value. Netskope can provide some peace of mind.

The Netskope NextGen SWG is Provided from the Cloud, for the Cloud, Without Limits:

Full Web and App Traffic Inspection

Visibility into thousands of cloud services, apps, and web traffic for policy controls around ‘content and context’ including user, app, instance, risk rating, category, content, and activity.

Advanced Threat Defences

Inspect all traffic including encrypted sessions with multi-layer prevention and detection defences, including pre-execution script analysis, sandboxing, machine-learning analysis, and input from 40+ threat intelligence feeds.

Unified SWG, CASB and DLP

One console with a unified policy built on cloud microservice architecture for on-demand performance with scale for remote offices and mobile users. Full cloud integration to consolidate, reduce complexity and lower operational costs.

App Risk Ratings and URL Filtering

Providing over 36,000 app risk ratings with NetSkope Cloud Confidence IndexTM (CCI) given 85% of your web gateway traffic is app and cloud service related. URL filtering includes over 100 categories for over 200 languages with dynamic page categorisation for 70 categories, plus a site look-up tool and reclassification service.

360-Degree Data Protection

For data-in-motion in web traffic, cloud services, and apps for any user, location or device. Advanced DLP includes exact data matching, fingerprinting, and proximity analysis with 3,000+ data identifiers for 1,000+ file types supported by 40+ policy templates ready to use.

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