Relax and rollback with ransomware recovery

We all know we can’t prevent 100% of cyber-attacks, that ransomware isn’t easy to avoid, and that the downside is ugly, but what if you could relax and roll back?

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Ransomware is here to stay

The realities are:

  • Ransomware is up 150% since the beginning of 2021, with an estimated impact of $1.4 billion. (Forbes)
  • By 2021, “every 11 seconds”, a new organisation will fall victim to ransomware. (Cybercrime Magazine)
  • On average, companies experience 21 days of downtime after a ransomware attack. (Coveware)
  • In more and more cases, as well as attacking your critical systems and data, every backup is deleted or encrypted. (Secrutiny Incident Response Case Files)
7 Common Ways Ransomware Can Infect Your Organisation
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Rapid recovery is key to cyber resilience

We all know we can’t prevent 100% of cyber-attacks – and that the downside is ugly. So what’s the best way to assure your business survives an attack?

Spending on cyber defences lowers the risk of a breach, but planning for recovery means a quicker return to business. And assuming a successful ransomware attack is almost inevitable, you need to know that your business will recover control of its systems and data and restart operations as soon as possible after an attack.

Relax and rollback

Harnessing Next-gen AV Leader, SentinelOne’s unique ransomware rollback solution, Secrutiny’s Cyber Recovery Services offer you the ability to restore (at a single click) files that have been maliciously encrypted/deleted to their previous state.

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