In this new year’s resolutions podcast, we discuss best practices that IT leaders should consider adopting in 2022. Tune in as we explore the planning of a 12-18 month strategy, supply chain challenges, issues with poor cloud configurations, leveraging breach attack simulations, and why security controls are so important.

Phil Davies, Secrutiny’s Lead Security Consultant, has been an IT professional since 1995 and a security specialist since 2005.  He has managed complex architectures and global environments for some of the largest telecommunication and insurance companies.  Phil loves data driven security and has spent many years consulting companies wishing to build and evolve their security operations centres.

John Winchester, Secrutiny’s Director of Product Development and Operations, is a global practice leader covering people, process & technology. With experience in technical support, consulting, pre-sales, managed services and people management, John has exponential experience helping digital organisations get the most from “digital”.

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