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Understand your cyber security risks and decipher the warning signs by tuning in to our Emerging Trends podcast. Featuring veteran of information security and response, Dr Shane Shook, each episode brings you simple and actionable insights on the latest and greatest trends and happenings.

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Network Architecture, Secure Perimeters,and Exposed VPNs

In our latest episode of Secrutiny’s Emerging Trends Podcast Series, we discussed how to improve your network architecture for a more secure perimeter, gaps in firewall traffic and the dangers of exposed VPNs with cyber security expert, Shane Shook. Discover what’s been happening over the past few months.

Episode 3    |    13min

Network Architecture, Secure Perimeters, and Exposed VPNs

May 28, 2020

Obsolete software and exposed VPNs come with a host of security vulnerabilities. Understand the dangers and how to secure them in the age of remote work.

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