How many more controls do you need? We help enhance your existing cyber defences for optimal security

With so much choice in the market for security controls, you can be tempted to buy more than you need. We work with what you have, test it works, and identify gaps based on risk appetite.

Secrutiny Cybersecurity - Cyber Controls Chart


Simplifying and coordinating existing defence

It’s difficult to find a new security control that won’t add something more to your cyber defences. In the interests of reducing the threat landscape there’s a temptation to add more and more layers to your protection, believing that you will be better protected.

The reality, though, is that organisations can blindside themselves by not having true actionable alerts that let you recognise genuine, serious incidents.


The Secrutiny team has launched many prominent vendors to the EMEA marketplace, earning ourselves an enviable 360-degree view of what works and how best to organise them.

We expect, firstly, to work with your team to understand your existing controls and ascertain what’s good, what’s unsuitable, and what’s just indifferent in helping you to build a minimum viable product that helps you better meet your cyber security needs.


The single consistent factor in customer success across a range of existing and new controls is our ability to understand your organisation’s policies, processes, and people, ensuring all are aligned for security.

We work in partnership with customers and take the time to learn about where you’ve come from, where you are now and where you wish to go. We understand how and where we can add value by taking an interest in your entire journey.


“Secrutiny’s Cyber Risk Analyser (CRA) has provided comprehension of risks that we were not aware of. The results will be used to make informed decisions that embed security by design according to IT operations.”

Investment Management
Information Security Manager

“Traditional cyber audits are based on paper exercises; giving a generic view of risk based on policy, process and controls in place. Over nearly 30 years in information security, Secrutiny’s CRA has given the most meaningful results by far.”

Cyber and Information Security Manager

“Secrutiny provide a service that is more cost-effective than me building out my team to manage security. They also have the market knowledge to keep my security toolkit ahead of the curve, ensuring the firm is secure.”

Head of IT

“We use Secrutiny because they are always keeping us up to date with emerging technologies that challenge the norm, to make us better or save us money. They will have completed the due diligence to reduce our risk and will always deliver on their commitment”

Real Estate
IT Infrastructure Specialist