Understanding your operation helps us to understand the risks your organisation may face

Our Cyber Risk Analyser Platform lets you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your cybersecurity structure which leads to practical measures for making your operation more secure.

Secrutiny Cybersecurity - Cyber Risk Analyser Chart


Clarify the situation

Cyber risk analysis is about understanding the operating structures of your organisation and mapping them against evidenced business and operational risks, in order to create context and impact models to drive cyber risk prioritisation.

This clarity of focus saves time, money and resources and lets us build strong partnerships with customers because we are able to offer clear foundations from which we can move forward together.

Automated CRA monitoring

Secrutiny has developed a Cyber Risk Analyser (CRA) product which automates the whole analysis process, using telemetry data sets to monitor and improve the hygiene and posture of the user and server infrastructure.

Available as a one-off or continual exercise, our SMART analytics platform will identify risks associated with your configurations, processes and behaviour to allow IT operations to remove and adjust factors that represent risk and abuse.

Driving long term security

The end results produced by our Cyber Risk Analyser will highlight any urgent risks that need to be followed up immediately. We produce a hygiene workbook to provide operational guidance to drive change and improve security posture which reduces future risk.

Knowledge, tools and good practices are all essential building blocks for long term cyber security which will enable wider, smarter and more efficient practices for our clients.


“Secrutiny’s Cyber Risk Analyser (CRA) has provided comprehension of risks that we were not aware of. The results will be used to make informed decisions that embed security by design according to IT operations.”

Investment Management
Information Security Manager

“Traditional cyber audits are based on paper exercises; giving a generic view of risk based on policy, process and controls in place. Over nearly 30 years in information security, Secrutiny’s CRA has given the most meaningful results by far.”

Cyber and Information Security Manager

“Secrutiny provide a service that is more cost-effective than me building out my team to manage security. They also have the market knowledge to keep my security toolkit ahead of the curve, ensuring the firm is secure.”

Head of IT

“We use Secrutiny because they are always keeping us up to date with emerging technologies that challenge the norm, to make us better or save us money. They will have completed the due diligence to reduce our risk and will always deliver on their commitment”

Real Estate
IT Infrastructure Specialist