Log4j zero-day vulnerability

Here’s what you need to know about CVE-2021-44228, or Log4Shell, and what you can do about it.

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Your organization’s IT environment could be at risk

First reported 9th December 2021, the Apache Log4j vulnerability is one of the most serious vulnerabilities on the internet in recent years, putting millions of devices at risk.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. It could be on any device
    Log4j is widely used on Windows, Linux, Mac, IoT, home devices, etc.
  2. It could be anywhere on disk
    Log4j is commonly renamed and repackaged, meaning the vulnerability can be present anywhere.
  3. It is exploited in real time
    Log4j has been targeted in 800,000+ attacks within 72 hours of the vulnerability publication.
  4. It could cost you
    The Federal Trade Commission plans to pursue companies who don’t remedy the Log4j vulnerability.

Learn how to identify, investigate and remediate Log4j

The biggest challenge with Log4j is finding Log4j in your environment. Discover how to proactively address and prepare for supply chain risks in the wake of the zero-day vulnerability.

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Beyond Log4j: Preparing for supply chain risk

In the wake of the zero-day Log4j vulnerability, organisations should consider moving from a reactive fire-drill to having a proactive posture to addressing supply chain risk. Discover how to proactively address supply chain risks in this on-demand webinar with Tanium.

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Taming major security risks in the wake of Log4j

Organisations worldwide are still reeling from the discovery of Log4j. Cybercriminals around the world suddenly have a blueprint for launching attacks on everything from retail store kiosks to mission-critical applications in hospitals. Read our blog to discover how enterprises should respond to this pervasive threat.

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