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For most organisations, an informal relationship exists between Security and IT Operations. And yet, how the two interact makes a huge difference in how fast your organisation can respond to, and mitigate security incidents. Join thought leaders from Secrutiny and Acora to discover how to marry IT and security operations to work together in harmony.

Filmed in partnership with the SASIG; a free networking forum for the cybersecurity industry. Its mission is to improve trust and confidence in the online environment through regular masterclasses. Further information is available at

Who is Acora?

Ranked #1 Managed Service Provider in the UK and #5 globally in 2021, Acora is a UK-based, award-winning IT services and technology partner with over 25 years of experience in helping mid-market organisations modernise their IT in the digital economy. They provide a range of IT support and Microsoft-centric business software and cloud solutions to drive mid-market organisations to modernise their IT so they can compete and win in the digital economy. Learn more at