Helping organisations focus cyber security efforts and resource on quantified, factual information rather than the wider ‘threat-mania’ industry view.

About Secrutiny

Organisations have become caught in a cycle of annual technology additions and a ‘strength in depth’ belief fed by messages of the volumes of threats that need defensive action propagated by vendors and the media.

Secrutiny has a very different approach…

We offer businesses a way to determine their cyber security risk and exposure, empowering organisations to inform and evidence security improvement priorities, leveraging current investments to secure themselves and augmenting with product only where appropriate.

Our Services

Cyber Risk Audit

Provides valuable insight into your current posture and hygiene to identify risk.

By getting control of hygiene, posture and risk, organisations can embed security within IT operations, rather than as an overlay, significantly reducing the attack surface.

Patrol Managed Services

Provides protection, detection & control capabilities for both operational and technical cyber risks.

Incident Response

When anomalous activity or Indicators of Compromise (IOC’s) are identified, Secrutiny can provide remote and on-site investigation within hours of engagement to significantly reduce the impact of an incident on your organisation.

Case Study


Discover how a top 100 UK law firm moved to a risk reduction security model after realising the importance of IT hygiene, policy enforcement and user education when they fell victim to a targeted attack.
Secrutiny were able to quickly establish the root cause of the attack, raising a level of confidence within our team that undoubtedly helped us achieve a successful outcome.

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Secrutiny Blog

Lights Camera Chrome

WARNING latest discovery states that Chrome and now Firefox are recording your every click…

There’s a lot of big phish in a small pond

Phishing has been seen to be one of the most common attack vectors used by cybercriminals due to its simple but effective techniques…

New destructive RedEye ransomware

A new ransomware created by the same developer as Annabelle has been discovered, dubbed ‘RedEye’…

Threat actors using IQY files to elude AV and download malware

Threat actors behind the “Necurs” botnet have created a new spam email campaign using Excel Web Query (.iqy) files to bypass antivirus software, and trick users into downloading and running malicious scripts…

Rig Exploit Kit expands their infection chain

Usually, a RIG exploit kit begins with a threat actor compromising a website to inject a malicious code that redirects the victims to the landing page…

Emergency Patch for Adobe Flash

Adobe has recently released an emergency update for four vulnerabilities in Flash Player, including a zero-day flaw, that is targeting Windows users in the Middle East…

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