Cyber Risk Audit

Learn the FACTS and get SMART


Developed to deliver FACTS, empowering business stakeholders to DETERMINE RISK and EVIDENCE budget priorities.

Security Patrol Managed Services


Protection, Detection & Control for Cyber Risks


Likened to a security guard, the Patrol Services monitor all aspects of IT and behaviour to inform of change and risk as it appears in the business.




A Programmatic Approach to Cyber Security


Helping businesses select the solutions that provide the best fit functionally, operationally and commercially; not what’s marketed the best.

Incident Response

More COMPREHENSIVE yet QUICKER Incident Response


Delivering effective threat assessment and incident response results more quickly, and at significantly lower costs than traditional methods.

Secrutiny; Redefining Cyber Security Strategy

Hundreds of ‘defenders’ are all propagating messages of the volumes of catastrophic threats that need defensive action. This has created confusion and widespread ‘SECURITY FATIGUE’ as buyers struggle to determine where they should focus, as budgets and operational agility will not allow a ‘one of everything’ approach.

We believe the traditional approach can no longer work operationally, economically, or even consistently and a different approach to cyber-security strategy is required whereby we focus efforts and resource on quantified, factual information rather than the wider industry view or ‘threat-mania’ and the associated hype and scare mongering within the industry.

If we understand what we are susceptible to, and what threats and bad practice exist, then we can make informed decisions based on actual RISK rather than FUD – Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt.

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Secrutiny Cyber Risk Audit

Cyber Risk Audit

Step away from a traditional project approach with a Cyber Risk Audit delivering security improvement through risk understanding and fact based project priorities – controls, education, governance or technology.

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Secrutiny Incident Response & Forensic Investigation

Incident Response & Investigation

Secrutiny’s Incident Response and Investigation Services deliver effective threat assessment and Incident Response results more quickly, and at significantly lower costs than traditional methods.

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Secrutiny Security Patrol Managed Services

Security Patrol Managed Service

Security Patrol is a set of services that deliver continuous monitoring and visibility into your IT environment to detect anomalous activity, be that external intrusion, insider activity or policy violation.

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Secrutiny 5DIMENSIONS Cyber Security Project Approach


With extensive knowledge of established and emerging cyber security solutions, Secrutiny streamlines the process of understanding and analysing the technology alternatives while proving worth to the business.

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