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Cyber Security Services

Cyber Risk Remediation

Secrutiny’s Cyber Risk Remediation provides organisations with the context, visibility and control required to fully support effective security.

The Cyber Risk Remediation process comprises: an initial Cyber Risk Audit; the aggregation of data into a System of Record; analysis to identify existing hygiene posture and risk; remediation tasks and support to address key “quick wins”; and a second audit to evidence success.

Managed Security Operations

Secrutiny’s Managed Security Operations Centre offers near and real-time visibility and control to identify and resolve increased susceptibility to attack, targeted intrusion, policy violation, insider and third-party bad practice or misuse. With the benefit of CRR, Secrutiny ensures a significant reduction in not only false-positives but, more importantly, false-negatives.

By integrating best-of-breed technologies and experienced security professionals, our Patrol Service provides data correlation and management, alert monitoring and triage as well as User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) and SIEM, underpinned by our expertise in Forensic Investigation.

Incident Response

Our experienced cyber incident response team are available 24 hours a day to help clients find and neutralise threats quickly and effectively.

Our proven ‘triage’ procedure is what makes Secrutiny’s Incident Response more efficient than traditional practices.

Do you need Incident Response now?

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The Secrutiny Story

We are Incident Response specialists who spend 95% of our time making sure our clients don’t need to respond to incidents.

Secrutiny was founded by three people – all veterans who came to realise there is much confusion in the industry… tools were often overly complex, misconfigured and isolated, and adding further ‘layers to the security onion’ at significant cost was not the answer.

Through responding to 300+ incidents, they learnt the way to help organisations NOT to be breached is to support them in achieving better security and risk reduction with what they already have; adding capability, where necessary, based on evidence and risk appetite.

What Our Customers Say

Secrutiny provide a service that is more cost-effective than me building out my team to manage security. They also have the market knowledge to keep my security toolkit ahead of the curve, ensuring the firm is secure.


Traditional cyber audits are based on paper exercises; giving a generic view of risk based on policy, process and controls in place. Over nearly 30 years in information security, Secrutiny’s Cyber Risk Audit has given the most meaningful results by far.


Secrutiny’s Cyber Risk Audit has provided comprehension of risks that we were not aware of. The results will be used to make informed decisions that embed security by design according to IT operations.


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