Managed Security Operations

Security-as-a-Service Providing Real-Time Context, Visibility and Control

Secrutiny are incident response specialists who spend 95% of our time making sure our clients don’t need to respond to incidents. We help our clients aggregate security data into a single System of Record for breach readiness and interrogation. Combined with our tools, SIEM platform and expertise, we provide context, visibility and control, delivering security-as-a-service from our managed 24×7 Security Operations Centre (SOC).


Why Context, Visibility and Control?

Security is about data intimacy and asking the right questions. Many security products and approaches available today provide only one or two of the ‘Context, Visibility and Control’ trio. Only with all three can you be sure of a strong defence.

Many tools are externally focused; preventing threats both known and new such as malware, viruses and ransomware. But they won’t help you identify a malicious insider in your domain, whitelisted on your applications. For this, you need Context, Visibility and Control.

Context provides common sense elements that software often lacks. Why would an HR employee suddenly require a profile on an endpoint belonging to Finance?  

Visibility looks beyond the apparent. For example, your Anti Virus may believe it has successfully cleaned a virus from your endpoint, but with wider Visibility you can see that the endpoint is now trying to communicate across the network.  Perhaps an embedded virus was missed, and a worm is trying to move laterally across your estate.

Control stops threats as they are identified. Good examples include Anti Virus and User Behaviour Analytics, but most security solutions include Controls.  Gaps in your Controls can lead to enormous opportunity for exploitation.

Why Choose a Secrutiny Managed SOC?


Hassle free and cost-effective cyber security

Best of breed security technologies


Proactive, not reactive, security operations

Continuous security improvements

Secrutiny’s Managed Security Operations Centre offers near and real-time visibility and control to identify and resolve increased susceptibility to attack, targeted intrusion, policy violation, insider and third-party bad practice or misuse.

By integrating best-of-breed technologies and experienced security professionals, our SOC provides data correlation and management, alert monitoring and triage, User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) as well as SIEM and investigation capability. Critical to this is the understanding of context, unique for each organisation. Secrutiny’s approach ensures the result is bespoke for each client, pragmatically aligned to each organisation’s size, sector, regulation, compliance and appetite for risk.

There is no ‘silver bullet’ when it comes to cyber security, but your ability to proactively identify, defend against and mitigate cyber threats can be the difference between swift remediation and potentially devastating financial repercussions, damage to your reputation or loss of commercially sensitive data.

Also Included in Secrutiny’s Patrol Service

Subscription Cyber Risk Remediation

Quarterly Cyber Risk Audits, with associated remediation programmes, to regulate risk over a period rather than a point in time. This enables the business to clearly establish their cyber risk profile and to implement an iterative plan for enhancing infrastructure, data, and staff awareness, now and into the future.


Incident Response Support

The visibility, control and aggregation of data provided by the Patrol Service ensure Secrutiny is well positioned to respond to any incidents that arise. As such, further included with the Patrol Service is an Incident Response Support Retainer; providing on-demand technical response, remediation and forensic investigation.


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